Danah Boyd/Krista Tippett Podcast

This was a pretty nice conversation about emerging technologies, I would say.
Much like a friendly chat between two people who obviously has a lot to say on different technological subjects.

I’m not quite sure what to write here. They talk a lot about how technology has changed and affected our daily lives–especially families. Like how much of the way technology has been treated quite punitive by governments has been a hindering factor to alleviate symptoms, instead of actually suppressing them. The conversation seems to tap into a very broad range of subjects, so it’s hard to pinpoint one and write something focused.

The main theme, if there is one, seems to be a mindfulness of how we present ourselves on the internet. One of the issues they address is the problem of passing time. Facebook, for those that have grown up with it, becomes somewhat of a memory collage where you can trace the history of your life. That doesn’t sound so bad, but the problem is: People change. If you have radical, anti-government views as a 14-year old, and post rants or threats on Facebook–it can come back to haunt you as an adult, even if those views have changed.  Understanding that when you’re 14-years old is hard, and I’m guessing most people won’t at that age or younger, or won’t care. But for an adult, for example an employer, it would be good to remember that people change when lurking on a potential employee’s Facebook-profile.  The sort of “stickiness” that the new social media landscape presents us with can be a huge problem for us, I think. Luckily there are ways of removing your digital footprint, but it’s always stored somewhere.
I’d say that we NEED to start teaching children in school about what to be aware of when going online.


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